Thursday, November 12, 2009

just a friendly warning...

CAUTION: these cookies are extremely delicious. why are they so dangerous, you might ask? because they are very simple (only a few, healthy ingredients and one not as healthy ingredient), vegan (extra healthy points, right?), and are quick and easy to make. i would recommend adding a cup or so of chocolate chips to the batter. and then resign yourself to eating them all in one sitting. except, thankfully, that would be a difficult thing to do- while being completely devoid of butter, white sugar, and eggs, they are very decadent and rich; i can't eat more than two in a sitting (but they are so good that part of me reeeeally wants to try!) :) yay cookies!

anyhoo, just thought i'd pass that along...

also, i (more accurately, many of my hand-made books) will be at this event on saturday and sunday! yay! i am a local artist/artisan! come by and see my work...but please don't cringe too painfully at the marked-up's all for the good of the shop and your friendly local artist/artisan!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i have been included in a treasury on etsy! it's pretty- i like this one a lot. yay!