Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gloria in excelsis Deo, etc.

Here are some pictures of a commission I finished recently for some friends. They wanted an illuminated/calligraphy-ized version of this prayer to go in their prayer/devotions corner. It was a fun and challenging project- we exchanged tons of emails and design ideas before settling on this one. I think it turned out pretty well, and best of all, they love it. Yay!

Here are some other things I've taken pictures of...

Do you see the happy tree-gnome, too??

This is a poinsettia that Bart and I "rescued" from church after Christmas. It promptly dropped its leaves (apparently part of the problem was that it was getting too cold in our house during the night. I tried to give it some no-nonsense pep-talk: "What, you're cold? Boo-hoo, plant. Toughen up." It ignored me.) and I left it for dead in our little side room/mud room, because it looked awful on the kitchen table. Simply depressing. Anyway, lo and behold, a couple weeks ago I noticed tiny little leaves growing where the old ones had been. Yay! Now I sort of baby it. ;)

I love how the morning light looks coming in through the east-facing window in the bedroom. The window itself is horribly ugly, as far as windows go, but the shadow-effect is pretty cool. We have vertical blinds, which cause the vertical shadows. the window itself is one of those awful, inexplicable things made of slats of glass that with a little pull so that you open the whole window like a vent. And when they're closed you have a really drafty window. But what's actually causing the horizontal shadows is residue from the packing tape that the previous tenant had used in an attempt to staunch the draft (clever!).