Friday, July 29, 2011


A while back I mentioned a project I was working on to create a covering for the not-so-lovely bare bulb in the bathroom. I thought I could make something out of sea glass and translucent shells, inspired as I was by a light fixture available in a local store. Something like this. I bought a couple spools of fine wire from OSH, as well as a thicker wire that would hold a circular shape, from which I could hang the shells and glass once I had wired them together beautifully. The result was not so beautiful (nor is the picture...blah):
I tried adding more shells and glass, but all I could see were wires and the ugly bulb, and I couldn't figure out how to hide those things while bringing out the awesomeness of the shells and glass. I devised a plan B. Here is finished plan B:
A bit simpler, a little bit less of a "home-made craft" feel. Unfortunately, it used a whole lot less of the materials that I was trying to use UP. Le sigh.

Another project involving light- one that is up there on the list of my most labor-intensive projects...A hole-poking project! It's a variation on a piece I did a while ago featuring the Fruit of the Spirit. Here's the piece on my work table/light box. I trace the images with pencil, and then stab the paper along the pattern with an awl (with a cutting mat underneath).
A close-up (below): Gentleness on the left, Peace at the bottom, and Joy above it. It's a pretty neat effect, I think. Once finished (and properly installed...hmmmm), it could be quite striking.
Without the back-lighting: Initially I erased the pencil lines after poking the holes (as in the design on the far left), but I kind of like the added dimension the graphite gives the patterns, so I've left it on most of the others.
 Another close-up of the same spot as above, without the back-lighting.
I worked on "Goodness" (the one on the top right in the first image) this week, taking an hour to an hour and a half each day. Poking holes is laborious and tiring, and you have to be precise; it's really hard to work on it for extended periods of time.  Ack- I just noticed that I'm missing one of the "fruit"- kindness. Oh goodie- I'd better go figure out how to squeeze that one in...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arty adventures

Here are three recent projects!

A drawing:
The goal was to combine the text with a global theme, with the four triangular-ish quadrants representing seasons/time. This is one of my favorite custom pieces to date. It was a challenging drawing in many ways- balancing the colors, drawing lots of tiny, tiny people and trees and buildings, etc., but it was great. Moreover, I loved being able to express my love for my client (hehe) by filling the drawing with tiny details that I knew would be meaningful. I wish I knew her better so that I could have added even more! 

Another drawing:
A fun little piece for some people who very important to me, though they are far away and I don't really even know them well (my mom and step-dad commissioned it as a gift for their pastor and his wife).

A guestbook for a cute couple who saw my books at a local consignment shoppe called Belle's Nest (on Baldwin in Sierra Madre) and contacted me for a custom piece:

Their colors were peach and cream. The peach-colored design is based on the floral image from their invitations; I painted a piece of cardstock the right color (because I couldn't find ANYTHING at three art stores), and then cut out the design. It was fun and exciting to create something for strangers, since most of my "clients" are friends and family. ;)