Thursday, January 29, 2009

good things n free stuff

1: i got a complimentary copy of the newest limited edition book from this awesome press i've been working for. yippee! it's super cool. pictures soon, maybe.

2: met with the friendly folks at dr. bob's ice cream this morning to get some info and perform the extremely serious and important task of tasting the ice cream we're interested having at an event in the near future. the lady we met with pulled out several pints from a freezer, gave us spoons to taste them with, and then told us we'd get to keep the rest of the pint! whoohoooo! there's an intriguing flavor called "strawberries, brown sugar and sour cream" that is deeelicious.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


well, that about sums it up!

i mean...hmmmm...

i've been listening to the first book of the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy series, read by mr. douglas adams himself. it's been pretty fun, especially since i now have a project where i can listen and work at the same time. ok, so i read most of the hitch-hiker books when i was in, like, middle school. i now lump these books along with several others into a group called "books i've read but didn't get because i was young and dumb" (it should have a more clever name. sorry). also in this group are wuthering heights, out of the silent planet (6th grade), and the beginning of numerous other books way over my head, such as cat's cradle and some book by andy goldsworthy...i mean, william golding (ha- big difference) - after some research on wikipedia i remembered it was darkness visible. so all that to say that i don't remember much of h-hgttg from my first read-through of it. it's fun and interesting so far, and casually interspersed throughout with atheist dogma. wikipedia again informs me that he was a self-described "radical atheist".

anyway, i just enjoy looking back on my intrepid 11-13 year-old self and my attempts to read novels that i doubt i'd understand even now. i thought at the time that if i just sat down and read these things diligently i'd be able to figure out what was going on. and i generally could, as far as basic plot was concerned. but often when presented with more challenging philosophical themes, they either went whooshing unnoticed, far over my head or i found them too unpleasant to allow myself to contemplate.

i tried recently to re-read for the first time wuthering heights, but oy, i didn't make it very far. i rememebered liking it a lot- the heath sounded mysterious and wonderful, and i wanted so very, very desperately much for everything to work out ok in the end. but the narrator's rendition of a hysterical catherine was intolerable. eegh. talk about over-wroght. wrought. wraught. rot. utter-rot. ahem. but seriously, the whole family, and possibly that other family as well (certainly the little sister) were completely bonkers. at some point, close to when i gave up, catherine says something like if she marries this person she'll be "ruined", even though she loves him. that struck me as so utterly ridiculous because she lives in the boonies where the nearest hamlet was probably populated by all of 75 people. literally no one would actually care. but apparently the weather prevents them from really ever getting to that town, anyway, so basically the ....hold on. oh, wikipedia!... the ernshaw family, along with crazy adopted heathcliff and their crazy old manservant who constantly spews brimstone and hell-fire warnings - they're all squashed together driving each other even more crazy. so at first i was totally disgusted by cathy, but now i can see how she and everyone else would just make each other totally miserable. and they do manage to make each other quite miserable. ugh. but anyway...

speaking of books i read in middle school- of course the redwall series was a must, but this kid in my class always- always- had salamandastron checked out of the school library. sheesh. also, i remember two other people and i had three ways of pronouncing that title/place between us, and we argued about which one was right: sala-MAN-dastron, sa-LAM-andastron, or salaman-DAS-tron. but brian jacques, being british, probably had his own superiour pronunciation and we were all wrong.


it's over!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hello from the house on holliston!

i moved in about a week ago and have enjoyed pretty much every minute of being here so far. b called the cable guy and he set up the intarwebs this morning- i feel connected to the world again. :)
here is the link to an album of pictures:
just note that the picture of the front of the house is just from google maps. it doesn't have the awning thing over the door, and there's nothing (yet) on the porch.

the owners of the house, who were living here before we moved in, left several pieces of furniture and a digital tv. tv in la is fun- we have about 70 channels, 1/3 of which are not in english (but i need to take an actual survey to be sure about that). there are several stations in spanish, chinese, and armenian, and some that alternate between vietnamese and korean (so far as i can tell, based on the script they use in their commercials). it could be fun to try to use the stations to learn a bit of another language, but i know this would be difficult with chinese- the dramas they air are so different from american sitcoms- while american tv tends to be over-the-top expressive and action-packed, all they do in the chinese shows, it seems, is sit/walk slowly and talk together. action is pretty much limited to staring, gazing, and glaring. anyway...

ok- i have stuff to do! but i hope to write and post a rant on a movie i saw recently, so stay tuned for that :-P

Monday, January 12, 2009

th:ngs & stuff!

dress: check!
house: check!
god: good!
moving: thursday.
packing: almost done.
looking forward to getting out of my red room: absolutely.
flowers: tomorrow.
food: friday?
table cards and programs for a wedding this weekend: done; pickup/dropoff: wednesday.
weeks to go: less than five!!
woo: hoo!

many other things: still in progress (boo).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


well now, it's definitely time for a blogpost. let's see what i can tease out of my mushy blob of a brain. it won't be easy...

1) blahhhhhhh

2) hmmmm...dang, this really is harder than i thought it would be.

ok, let's start over. here are some things i am thankful for, with regard to how things have been progressing in the past couple weeks

1) fingers are crossed for an amazing house (yes, a house) that we might get to rent.

2) i am nervous about dress shopping (which will hopefully happen tomorrow!), but if that fails, i am going to order three from etsy (for el cheapo). so far i've been to marilynn's ($$$$$$$$$$$), but just to look, and a few thrift/resale places ( :S ,:P :( ). once i saw how expensive retail dresses were, i got over my squeamishness about "reused" wedding dresses real fast. i confess that i am really, really tempted to make my own dress - i think i have just enough sewing experience to be arrogant enough to think that i can actually accomplish such a thing. i mean, it's not like i want to wear something like princess diana...and it would be the perfect project/creative outlet - i'd be able to procrastinate wedding planning, but actually still work on wedding things!

3) my bridesmaids are finding things to wear! huzz-ah. now i can see why brides-to-be just pick out one dress, one pair of shoes, etc., and tell the bridesmaids that that's what they're going to wear. finding something different for everyone, especially when they're all thousands of miles away and two of them are about to 1) move across the country or 2) leave the country to spend five weeks in new zealand working on organic farms...that's a challenge.

4) people at church have been nothing short of incredible- our wedding coordinator (who is working free of charge) has been helpful by asking us all the annoying questions we need to have answers to. a photographer has offered to do the wedding for a really good deal, and she'll let us keep the cd(s) of photos she takes so we can print whatever we want. and we've got a licensed flower gal/mrs. make-it-pretty who'll take care of the floral stuff and stay within our budget- she emailed me a couple days ago after talking with her daughter (also a flower-arranger) with some pictures of what she thinks i might like, and i LOVED them.

5) i even have a bit of an income this month. crazy. lord knows money's tight. obviously- he's provided work!

6) there are more things, but my head really hurts and it's hard to think. god has been really good, and as bart and i have been more intentional about doing devotions and praying, he's been faithful to help us spiritually as well as with wedding and daily life stuff. yay!