Thursday, June 4, 2009

"a moonlit garden", et plus

1) i'm very honored to be in this pretty treasury on etsy, which will be up until saturday:
i really like the blues and sparkly silver/whites :)
2) bart and i found a coffee table on the curb yesterday! it's a fairly simple construction of solid, honey-colored (stained?) wood (i want to sand it and restain it something dark). it's large and sturdy, and the perfect replacement for the cooler that's been doubling as our coffee table for the past four-ish months. i'm very pleased with this acquisition- now we won't have to buy a coffee table when we move.
3) yes, we have to move. when we signed the lease in january, we knew full well that there'd be a possibility that we'd have to move out at some point over the summer, so this came as no real surprise. i will be pretty sad to have to leave this place, since there's pretty much no way we'll ever get a similar set-up. but it has been good while it lasted, and we trust that god will provide. :)
4) to celebrate the arrival of the coffee table, b and i played scrabble on it last night. after a lot of agonizing and taking way too long, i finally put down "animator"- one of my first 7-letter feats (with the timely aid of two blank tiles), for 72 points. not as good as bart's "braziers" across a triple word score last week (101 points), but still. ;)
5) i should get back to work- lots of books to sew! :)

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Alida said...

Note to self: never play scrabble with Bart & Kristin. Will get butt kicked.