Tuesday, July 28, 2009

green things...

introducing the first of a series of books (i hope) featuring what i humbly acknowledge as a rocking beaded design on the front cover. now at and coming soon to ye olde shoppe there on the left. this is my third attempt to find a useful application for these beaded thingies, which i can't stop making (they're shiny! they sparkle! they are great to work on whenever i feel anxious!). they take a long, long time to make, which is why these books are going to be the most expensive things in my shop.

anyhoo, i bought three green t-shirts for $7 (total!) at a thrift store on saturday, and yes, this announcement is just as exciting to me as the one above. no amount of piercing sun or dry desert wasteland-ness can cause my green t-shirts to wither and turn brown, no matter what may happen to the other green things here! so HA.

well, anyway, tomorrow will bring another book (not green- possibly purple, red, or red/blue), and more irresistibly charming anecdotes as well, i'm sure.


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