Thursday, October 1, 2009

charles burchfield, 1893-1967

clockwise from top left:
dandelion field(?)
cottage in the trees, 1955
child's garden, 1917
four seasons (definitely one of my new favorite paintings)

yet another artist whose work makes me wish i could paint with watercolors...or paint at all, really. here is some more info. his wikipedia page isn't really all that interesting.
in other news (except not really news, i was just trying to give you some warning that i am about to change subjects), i haven't been posting about my classes because...well,...i just haven't. but they've been going really well! i just wrote my first quiz ever for my art history students, and now i have the pleasure of grading it. so far there have been only a couple completely b.s.-ed answers, which are quite funny to read, except that i then have to mark them wrong. ;( i now realize that teachers are not fooled by b.s. answers. not fooled at all. for the sake of review i put together a blog, so if you're interested in seeing what exactly we're talking about, it's pretty much all there. yes, the terrible spacing makes me cringe every time i look at or think about it; i am really starting to hate blogger and its terrible dashboard/posting layout, and the way it mysteriously adds spaces or takes them away when you publish a post. *SIGH* woe is me...


Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be counterclockwise? Or am I missing the cottage in the upper left picture?

-Karen M

kristin said...

hmmm...thanks for pointing that out! the website where i'd found that image has "cottage in the trees" as the title, but then on another website it's called "dandelion field". that one seems to make more sense ;)

Bart said...

Evidently Burchfield was influenced by Frederick Gottwald, says Wikipedia, and he lived in Pasadena at the end of his life!