Monday, July 26, 2010


i finished the beady last night! yaaay! the final 6-10 outer rows were really hard to manage- all the imperfections on earlier rows (teeny, very minor imperfections ;) ) just got magnified as the thing grew. if you look closely (go ahead, it's ok, i don't mind) you can see where i had to add more beads or not add any beads to try to keep everything on the same level. it was difficult and frustrating trying to figure out how to proceed at the end- i couldn't do much more with the pattern at that point because things wouldn't match up perfectly. so i decided to do a single color (the pale silver) in order to even out the flaws and give it a border to stabilize all the movement of color and pattern. and then the green border holds it all together.
the back looks cool, too.
i want to frame it with my other two 7" beaded things. mmm- shiny.

that's all for now!


Alida said...

Woah. That looks a-mazing!

Marli said...

I think this one's my favorite. :-)