Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arty adventures

Here are three recent projects!

A drawing:
The goal was to combine the text with a global theme, with the four triangular-ish quadrants representing seasons/time. This is one of my favorite custom pieces to date. It was a challenging drawing in many ways- balancing the colors, drawing lots of tiny, tiny people and trees and buildings, etc., but it was great. Moreover, I loved being able to express my love for my client (hehe) by filling the drawing with tiny details that I knew would be meaningful. I wish I knew her better so that I could have added even more! 

Another drawing:
A fun little piece for some people who very important to me, though they are far away and I don't really even know them well (my mom and step-dad commissioned it as a gift for their pastor and his wife).

A guestbook for a cute couple who saw my books at a local consignment shoppe called Belle's Nest (on Baldwin in Sierra Madre) and contacted me for a custom piece:

Their colors were peach and cream. The peach-colored design is based on the floral image from their invitations; I painted a piece of cardstock the right color (because I couldn't find ANYTHING at three art stores), and then cut out the design. It was fun and exciting to create something for strangers, since most of my "clients" are friends and family. ;)


Courtney Nicole said...

yay!!! Very beautiful

Alida said...

Hey! That looks exactly like my FAVORITE piece of art on my wall right by my bed? ;) Man-oh-man. I really do love it SO much! :D