Wednesday, September 21, 2011

interesting artworks

I discovered artist Jim Kazanjian last week and am in awe of his "photographs". I love their dream-like quality, their mysteriousness, their impossibility and their realness (after all, they are photographs...right?). This is where I found his work: Here's his website: (the red magnifying glass takes you to his bio). The top image here is my favorite (Untitled "Chateau")- I'd love to live in a hand-made, cobbled-together castle over a waterfall. :) The other two are "Untitled (Outpost)" and "Untitled (Backyard)".


DM said...

According to this random site on the internet, Jim... Kazingnanrteran (or whatever his last name is) is not a photographer.

Really cool-looking work, nonetheless.

kristin said...


as a photographer yourself, what do you think about his work? i'm not sure how i feel about how he basically cuts and pastes parts of others' photographs to make his "manipulated assemblages"...but then i guess that's part of his goal. all i really care about is that they're pretty ;)

DM said...

I don't really have a problem with what he does. It takes quite a bit of work to make images like this (or at least, it would take me quite a bit of work -- I'm sure it gets easier with practice), and I feel like his work is sufficiently interesting that I'm not wasting my time looking at it. I like the, "... wait, is that real?" reaction that it gets, too.