Sunday, October 28, 2007

'bout that time again, eh chap?

maybe a blog post will magically appear in this space at some point today...depends on whether or not i am miraculously inspired to write something fantastic. and it depends on me being a good girl and writing some emails, finishing some cover letters and resumes, writing in my filoli journal, and filling out some other various forms that i'd forgotten until now. things aren't lookin' too good on that front.

in the meantime, please check out my small, but hopefully growing, collection of images on picasa. i think everything is public and viewable.
maybe a good blog post will be about how awkward i feel posting scribbly sketches for the whole world to see. actually, that would probably only take a couple of sentences. for example, i feel very awkward posting scribbly sketches for the whole world to see. it's like putting pictures of your journal online; a little too private, somehow, even though there's nothing extremely "revealing" about them. still, i don't think i'll do anymore of that :) if i get anything finished up and presentable, then i'll post it. anyway, i have to go be diligent and proactive now.

enjoy the rest of the sabbath, and goodbye.

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