Monday, May 12, 2008


At last, prints of some of my work are available on Etsy. I have been kicking myself in the bum about this for weeks, so it's nice to have it partially off my shoulders. Only about half of the prints I have are currently for sale because it's so cloudy outside that I can't even take mediocre pictures of them. By next weekend I hope to have more prints available, as well as more in stock of each (ideally I'd have 5-10 in stock for each print). Needless to say, but still worth saying, the prints look a billion times better in "real life" than as a digital image of a photograph taken on a cloudy day. Sigh. That said, if you think the photos I have posted look terrible, please let me know and I'll rephotograph them (sigh).

So, another reason I love SoCal: food, food everywhere. FREE food. Fresh, free, organic food. These nice little communities I’ve been lucky enough to live in out here are packed with trees, especially fruit trees- avocados (can’t say I care much for those, but still), plums, apricots, oranges, lemons, limes, pomellos and grapefruits (don’t care much for those, either), grapes (not actually trees), peaches, loquats, kumquats, apples…am I forgetting anything? At any rate, that’s a lot of fruit, and thanks to a little Roman law that has managed to persist into the present era in this nation, if any of those fruit trees extend over onto sidewalks or other public spaces from the lawns where they’ve been planted, anyone is allowed to pick from that section of the tree!

Also, a revision to my last post. Mr. Nick pointed out fairly brilliantly and clairvoyantly that classical music is a lot better to have stuck in your head than pretty much all of the other crap you hear on the radio. SO TRUE. When I was working last week, some students had cds of Madonna, Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, and some other things playing while they worked. I had awful, old Madonna songs stuck in my head for days, and if I’m not really careful, I’ll get them stuck in my head again right now just thinking about how terrible that was. So I am officially changing my view on this topic- if it’s really necessary for me to have some kind of music stuck in my head, I would definitely prefer that music to be of the classical variety.


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