Monday, May 19, 2008

Sheesh. Weeks go by so quickly! (And more complaints)

Today the laborers labored in vain. At least, in the afternoon. Productivity hit a wall at approximately 2pm, and frustration ensued. The wall-hitting is partially my fault, and partially the result of an unforeseen event which has prevented me from progressing on a fairly labor-intensive drawing. I’m also very tired, and antsy. Luckily, I’m getting out of here for the evening- heading off to catch the bus in approximately one hour, and then I hope to shed this shell of blarg.

Blogging, fortunately, is always productive (even if I just hold down one letter’s key, in only a few short minutes, I’ll have pages and pages of text!), and I even get the added benefit of forcing you all to listen to me as I whine! No, I would not like some cheese with my whine- I like my whine pure and undiluted.

So. Graduation was this weekend at the Claremont Colleges; I went out to attend Mudd’s and Scripps’ with friends. It was stiflingly hot, but I got to see Bill Nye (yeah! The Science Guy!)…I mean, William Nye (“Science Educator”) speak at Harvey Mudd’s commencement. I ate cookies for lunch, languished in the heat, saw people I haven’t seen in a year (practically a lifetime), didn’t drink enough water and generally enjoyed myself greatly. Dinner was wonderful, and was shared with exactly zero graduates, though we dined in Claremont. Should’ve tried Bombay Bistro last year as a post-graduation place of feasting, eh?…oh well. I have no regrets :)

It is very quiet here in my room. I can’t hear the sounds of outside because the windows are closed, due to the fact that the air-conditioning is blasting. I’m wearing a sweatshirt, and looking forward to having air-conditioning for the first time in my five years in SoCal.

Blah. Note to brain: SNAP OUT OF IT.
Unfortunately, I have nothing for it to snap into. Nothing that’s easy, that doesn’t take any work. Ah well, today will be over eventually and tomorrow things will be different. Huzzah for that.


Marli said...

Bill Nye the science guy?! I am SO jealous!!!

DM said...

Thanks for coming to graduation! I saw you there, but didn't get a chance to talk to you... :( Bill Nye was awesome, though.