Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi world! Long time no post. Gah. I’m sure I half-composed at least a dozen posts in my head over these past couple months, but you can’t publish blog entries from your brain yet, so what can ya do? I have so much news and stuff to write about it’s overwhelming, so for now I’ll just make a list and spare you all the boring details (but I’ll still try to include some of the interesting details!)

1) I am now engaged to the most awesome person in the world: Bart. I am incredibly blessed, not to mention excited about starting the planning of the rest of our lives together. C: I am trying so, so hard to not consume the six pints of Graeter’s ice cream in a span of two weeks (although that would take care of the problem of my ring being a size and a half too big…).

2) I have recently finished three fairly large-scale drawings. One of them measures three feet by five feet, and the other two are smaller but only a little less intense. I may have another large drawing on the table soon (praise God!!). Pictures soon to come, I hope (I seem to be continually promising this...).

3) I went home to upstate New York for about ten days at the end of August. It was fabulous. I picked blueberries in the woods, swam in the river, played with the inimitable Madi-dog, went for long walks…and listened to my brother’s new sound system in his almost-as-new black pickup truck. Our favorite pick was a Chemical Brothers song that features bass so heavily our ears were throbbing long after the song had ended. I was giggling with glee too much to care about long-term hearing loss. :)

4) Since I last posted, I’ve listened to Eragon; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; The Screwtape Letters; half of Three Cups of Tea; an abridged version of Julia Child’s biography; Harry Potter books 1 and 2; The Kite Runner; and a couple of tracks of Little Earthquakes (then quit because it was dumb); and P.G. Wodehouse’s Damsel in Distress. I loved that last one, and the Harry Potter books, and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle…and The Screwtape Letters. The Kite Runner was sad. I’m listening to White Fang now, but mostly I’m just waiting for the person who has the third Harry Potter book to return it to the library. Also, I meant to continue on with talking about the Wodehouse book- it was hilarious. I like the Jeeves and Wooster tv show a decent amount, but I’ve realized with the actual books that you miss at least fifty percent of the humor (humour, rather), because of the way the author describes scenes and people that simply cannot be acted in front of a camera. I wish I could remember some examples…that’s the problem with audiobooks. You can’t go back and look up an especially awesome passage. Anyway, I told you I’d spare you the boring details…

5) I am really behind on emails. And letters. If I owe you an email or a letter…I’m sorry. I’m trying really hard to kick myself in the bum and get those written.

6) I am an eastern European Jewish girl trapped in an white Christian girl’s body. I totally dig klezmer and traditional eastern/middle-eastern European music. It cannot be explained. Maybe I should get one of those music player things to put in this blog so you can hear some of the things I’ve been groovin’ to lately. I actually downloaded some songs from Amazon (two fun things from Balkan Beat Box. One of them I like in particular, but as always, the problem with foreign music goes hand in hand with its benefit- I can’t understand the words. So even though I can’t be offended by the modern-day nonsense that plagues most secular music lyrics, I may also be unknowingly groovin’ to something totally sacrilege. Hmmm…)

7) I just forgot what 7 was supposed to be…oh! Meh. It is with dying hope and a growing sense of apathy that I announce to you all that there are many new thingies up for sale in my etsy shop. Poor etsy shop. Nobody loves you.

And with that I wish you all a happy Friday and excellent weekend! It’s almost October- wow. Maybe autumn will be able to wrench summer’s tyrannical grip from control of the seasons soon…I long for sweater weather!


Jordy said...

poor girl! Sweater weather is a rare occurrence around southern California, sadly.

And, for the record, Klezmer is cool. It's not that it's so weird to like it, as that most people around here don't seek it out. Or understand it, yeah. But it's fun to move to... anyways.

Noogie said...

yeah... bart's pretty cool I guess ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed each other when you were here.
Love you,