Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eegads that green banner of mine is ugly.

I should change it!

Here are some other brief but brilliant observations (and one observation not quite so brief):

1) the theory is that my five-year-old wireless card is senile, which explains why it wasn't doing it's job consistently (or at all). so i am borrowing a cable from b(art) to connect to ye holy beloved internets through the modem (?). no more of that silly magic wireless fairy stuff.

2) in other news of things that are breaking, my shift key is working part-time now, which is half the reason that i've given up the use of capitalization for this post (other half of the reason: laziness).

3) i like making stuff, but how i do hate photographing it, writing endearing little blurbs, and posting the whole mess on etsy. speaking of which, i think i have some new stuff there; you should go check it out.

4) it's supposed to get back up into the 90's again this week?!!??! nooooooooooooooo...

5) pitas are on the menu for dinner tonight! yay!

6) i know of at least three little baby boys have been/will be (lord willing) born this month!! i want to buy
these for all of them (though it would be a little more fun if they'd been girls...sheesh). i know, i know, tiny shoes are hardly necessary for something that can't even roll, much less walk, but that's not the point!

7) with my internet newly restored, i can now go back to combing amazon song by agonizing song for more sweet klezmer techno!

8) books on cd from the library- some opinions from recent "readings": "the host" (by stephanie meyers) was neither well-written nor well-narrated. i don't particularly recommend it. "cloud atlas" (by david mitchell, i think) was strange and highly enjoyable. i really liked the style of writing. there were six narrators, and four of them did a marvelous job. i wasn't thrilled with the two women who narrated (this has been a trend, oddly enough- i think it's partly because when men imitate women's voices, it generally sounds ok, but when women imitate men's voices, it sounds silly. also, i just feel like the women try too hard and are too self-conscious.) the narrator of the sixth book (of "cloud atlas") was, in particular, superb- and i cannot imagine how difficult his task must've been. i mean, i don't think it would've been easy to speak convincingly as a native pidgin-english speaker on his hawaiian island in a post-apocolyptic age.

at some point i will blog about specific audiobooks i have enjoyed. so many books are (or can be imagined to be) much, much better than their tree-pulp counterparts, and i've learned that professional narrators (?) are often better at doing their job than the default narrating-voice i have in my head. without going into too much detail, this is absolutely the case with the lord of the rings series. soooooo much better when listened to rather than read.

ok- bis spaeter, mes amis.


DM said...


"silly magic wireless fairy thing"?

kristin said...

yep! after several months of seemingly arbitrary working, half-working, and broken internets, the above statement is what i must conclude wireless internet to be- a silly magic fairy thing.

Alida said...

Those little shoes are ssssssoooooo cute! I love them!

Marli said...

"a native pidgin-english speaker on his hawaiian island in a post-apocolyptic age."


I have to read LOTR. I mean, NZ in January means I HAVE to! And watch the films, perhaps. But books on tape have never done it for me, and I've always believed that had something to do with my love of music and inability to listen to lecture. My head, after a few paragraphs, tunes out the words in favor of the sounds in the voice.

Courtney said...

it just has to be said..
you are by far the most interesting woman I know to be in existance