Tuesday, January 6, 2009


well now, it's definitely time for a blogpost. let's see what i can tease out of my mushy blob of a brain. it won't be easy...

1) blahhhhhhh

2) hmmmm...dang, this really is harder than i thought it would be.

ok, let's start over. here are some things i am thankful for, with regard to how things have been progressing in the past couple weeks

1) fingers are crossed for an amazing house (yes, a house) that we might get to rent.

2) i am nervous about dress shopping (which will hopefully happen tomorrow!), but if that fails, i am going to order three from etsy (for el cheapo). so far i've been to marilynn's ($$$$$$$$$$$), but just to look, and a few thrift/resale places ( :S ,:P :( ). once i saw how expensive retail dresses were, i got over my squeamishness about "reused" wedding dresses real fast. i confess that i am really, really tempted to make my own dress - i think i have just enough sewing experience to be arrogant enough to think that i can actually accomplish such a thing. i mean, it's not like i want to wear something like princess diana...and it would be the perfect project/creative outlet - i'd be able to procrastinate wedding planning, but actually still work on wedding things!

3) my bridesmaids are finding things to wear! huzz-ah. now i can see why brides-to-be just pick out one dress, one pair of shoes, etc., and tell the bridesmaids that that's what they're going to wear. finding something different for everyone, especially when they're all thousands of miles away and two of them are about to 1) move across the country or 2) leave the country to spend five weeks in new zealand working on organic farms...that's a challenge.

4) people at church have been nothing short of incredible- our wedding coordinator (who is working free of charge) has been helpful by asking us all the annoying questions we need to have answers to. a photographer has offered to do the wedding for a really good deal, and she'll let us keep the cd(s) of photos she takes so we can print whatever we want. and we've got a licensed flower gal/mrs. make-it-pretty who'll take care of the floral stuff and stay within our budget- she emailed me a couple days ago after talking with her daughter (also a flower-arranger) with some pictures of what she thinks i might like, and i LOVED them.

5) i even have a bit of an income this month. crazy. lord knows money's tight. obviously- he's provided work!

6) there are more things, but my head really hurts and it's hard to think. god has been really good, and as bart and i have been more intentional about doing devotions and praying, he's been faithful to help us spiritually as well as with wedding and daily life stuff. yay!


Courtney said...

A house?! I will keep that in my prayers, that would be so much better than a teeny apartment.
love you

Alida said...

Yay! It's exciting to hear that things are beginning to work out! It would be so awesome if you could get a house! Sorry I'm a stressful bridesmaid! :)

Courtney said...

yay you got the house!!! Pictures!! :) love you and see you sooon

Molly said...

#6 made me smile. :) So true!