Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hello from the house on holliston!

i moved in about a week ago and have enjoyed pretty much every minute of being here so far. b called the cable guy and he set up the intarwebs this morning- i feel connected to the world again. :)
here is the link to an album of pictures:
just note that the picture of the front of the house is just from google maps. it doesn't have the awning thing over the door, and there's nothing (yet) on the porch.

the owners of the house, who were living here before we moved in, left several pieces of furniture and a digital tv. tv in la is fun- we have about 70 channels, 1/3 of which are not in english (but i need to take an actual survey to be sure about that). there are several stations in spanish, chinese, and armenian, and some that alternate between vietnamese and korean (so far as i can tell, based on the script they use in their commercials). it could be fun to try to use the stations to learn a bit of another language, but i know this would be difficult with chinese- the dramas they air are so different from american sitcoms- while american tv tends to be over-the-top expressive and action-packed, all they do in the chinese shows, it seems, is sit/walk slowly and talk together. action is pretty much limited to staring, gazing, and glaring. anyway...

ok- i have stuff to do! but i hope to write and post a rant on a movie i saw recently, so stay tuned for that :-P


Molly said...

Beautiful house! But my favorite part is definitely the toilet outside.

kristin said...

yeah...the toilet really contributed to the general landscaping of the back "yard". unfortunately, it's been hauled away. ah well ;)