Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 things!

This was all the rage on facebook a couple weeks ago, and I finally have a little bit of time to waste, so I am finally going to indulge in telling all of you 25 random things about ME.

1- I’ve never liked taking showers. I find them incredibly boring and I don't like the unpleasant damp period between being wet/in water and being dry.
2- I have to mix my breakfast cereals. Three different kinds is the fewest number allowable, but I’ve mixed as many as five or six in a single bowl. In high school I’d sometimes mix together frosted mini wheats, total, fiber one, craisins, kashi, plain oatmeal, and possibly honey-nut cherrios. Yum.
3- I’m the kind of person who would happily eat plain brown rice and lentils for dinner, and then have a large bowl of ice cream for dessert.
4- In elementary school I laughed hysterically at one of my friends who had, before my very eyes, broken his arm. I thought he was joking when he fell off the swingset!
5- Also in elementary school, I used to draw my own Street Fighter characters. I still have them. One of them was Flair – she had a long ponytail that she could use as a whip. Regrettably, I knew from personal experience that this could be a painful weapon – I had a long ponytail myself and, sadly, used it on a couple of my snot-nosed male classmates once or twice…
6- I was an audacious child, overall.

7- I’ve never had braces and I don’t have wisdom teeth.
8- To my knowledge, I have never seen a famous person in real life. Except for Bill Nye. And Dan O'Brien. Just remembered that.
9- I was a ninja princess in one of my dreams recently.
10- I am very attached to my highly uncommon “maiden” name and would have secretly been disappointed if my married name were “boring”. Luckily, I have nothing to be disappointed about :)
11- My visual art skillz do not include dressing myself or interior decorating. I’ve asked Bart, “does this match?” on more than one occasion.
12- I never once got detention in middle or high school. I don’t think I ever bought a lunch, either.
13- I have almost no memories of 11th grade English, and I’m not sure why. Here’s what I do remember: Kelly, Susanna, Michael, and Neal sat in front of me in the first row. It was the last class of the day. We watched a film…can’t remember the name. We did some Regents prep. Read the narrative of Frederick Douglass. That is all.
14- If there were a contest to see who had had the worst nightmare(s), I’d win! But I won’t tell it/them to you now.
15- I have been known to eat and enjoy uncooked tofu with ketchup.
16- I am a pack-rat. For example: until very recently, I still had in my possession Valentines from my kindergarten class. I don’t even remember those people- my family moved across the country to Idaho shortly after Valentine’s Day. But I trucked that shoe box all two thousand miles with me anyway…and then did it again when we moved to New York. *sigh*
17- When I was born, the doctors noticed that my tongue was completely attached to the bottom of my mouth. They cut it free, so now I don’t have a speech impediment.
18- I was born in Kentucky, about a stone’s throw from the Ohio River and just south of Cincinnati.
19- This is taking me a really long time to write.
20- I was so disgusted by the lack of recycling at Scripps that for a couple months during my sophomore year I combed the dorm trashcans and some of the outdoor trashcans for cans and bottles, which I was able to redeem for a decent amount of cash. But it was too time-consuming and embarrassing to keep up for long. Looking back, I wish I had been bolder and had persevered.
21- If there are specific memories and places tied to a song, I often can’t listen to it anymore - the nostalgia is too pungent (yes, that’s the word I want).
22- I am a scavenger.
23- I would join this website.
24- I like reading the blogs of people I don’t know.
25- I don’t like sleeping on my back.

It’s over!


Courtney said...

cilantro! haha, that's funny :) Miss you...

Marli said...

I forgot Neal existed until I read this.

One week before your wedding, I turned to Jim and said "you know that 25 things meme? I think I'll do it. But on paper, not facebook." I haven't done it yet, but you reminded me.


Is all nostalgia too pungent? Summer wasting?

Alida said...

#10! Yay! I feel the same way, hopefully some day I'll get another unique name.

And as for #3, I think I could eat brown rice and lentils for dinner for a very long time! Yum!

kristin said...

marli- haha ;) poor neal.

i would love to read 25 random things about YOU! will you put a copy on your blog? or send me a photocopy of your handwritten version? or you could recopy it by hand onto a single postcard :)

summer wasting, and most b&s music, isn't too pungent- and besides, i LOVE the green cd. but the pungent-ness isn't a bad thing, it just means that the songs kind of overwhelm my senses every single time. it's tiring.

kristin said...

whoops- forgot to mention that i did not personally meet bill nye, per se, but i did get to listen to him talk for a half-hour or so while he gave the harvey mudd commencement address last year at graduation.

kristin said...

alida- hehehe. i know YOU could eat brown rice and lentils for dinner for a very long time. ;) my point was more that i thoroughly enjoy both very simple and healthy foods AND very rich and "unhealthy" foods, sometimes in rapid succession of each other.

DM said...

I didn't know you lived in Idaho.

Awww... we were like, state buddies.

Marli said...

Mine's done... and a little odd. Currently public at my livejournal, but it's more candid than I usually make public, so that might change soon1