Tuesday, February 3, 2009


...well...no...but i did feel special for a bit! i was in a treasury yesterday! anyone registered on etsy can put together a collage of images/products they like (which they find on etsy), based on a theme or not, and then post it in the general treasury section where there are lists and lists of other collages created by other people. since everyone wants to put their treasury online and there's a limited amount of space, there's a lot of competition. so anyway, my diamond-back leather book made it into this general treasury :) it's expired now, but i managed to capture it before it went. what's really a big deal is when your treasury (the one you made or the one you're in) gets chosen by the etsy admin to go on the front page for an allotted time of one hour, after which another treasury gets to take its turn. but it's really valuable publicity because everyone who goes to the etsy homepage in that hour will see your shop.

also, there's a small fuzzy staying with me at the house now (temporarily). a little friend...a little...buuuuddy :) i slept pretty well last night, considering he was determined to sleep on my face or on my neck. buuuddy seems to have slept tolerably well, since he's now running around the house like a crazed lunatic-kitty. hehehe. i hope i can still get some stuff done today...

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Courtney said...

temporarily? So you guys aren't keeping him? :(