Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first day of school!

in two and a half hours i will begin the first of two classes that i'll be teaching at the wednesday co-op organized and run by the home-schooling moms at church. first is drawing, second is american art history- both for high-schoolers. i am terrified of being in a "leadership" role, and of having to stand in front of people and do a lot of talking, but what better way to learn how to teach than in a once-a-week enrichment program, with a small class of motivated and intelligent youth that i mostly already know? i am so grateful for this opportunity, though i know that anything these kids may learn will not be my doing, but god's working through me (and i pray that he does!).

but one of the many factors that led to my decision to do this is that it will help me to get to know about twenty moms and their kids in a controlled environment where there is a main goal- read: a foundation for relationships. i have had an enormously difficult time forming friendships for the past...hmmm...twelve years or so (and especially the past three years)- "difficult" meaning that it's hard for me to pursue getting to know people who don't pursue me the majority of the time. often, though, having a foundation helps (whether it's a class, or being on a team, or enjoying some sort of activity) - something you can always talk about until the awkward acquaintance stage is over. there so many awesome women at church, but i often feel at a loss as to how to even approach them, much less what to talk about. i hope this can help me get over any hesitation or shyness.

anyhoo- if i am able, i shall report back after classes. :-S

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DM said...

Good luck! I started teaching this week too.