Thursday, September 3, 2009

update for yesterday...

teaching was fun! and exhausting...i cannot imagine teaching all day, every day. i don't know which would be harder- teaching all subjects to the same class of students (elementary school), or teaching a few subjects all day to different students (high school). all day, every day. eegads!

hmmmm...i'm out of ideas for extending this post. does anyone have a fun fact they would like to share?


Marli said...

I've been in meetings all morning discussing the state of education, and how the traditional model forces students to learn a, b, and c, even though they're at BEST "mildly interested." In reality, the goal of any class in K-12 is to 1. Teach students basic concepts (not how to spell "equilibrium", but how to sound out and look up words and have a basic amount of knowledge. Not what the square root of 18 is, but how to find it) and 2. Help students learn to love learning, to seek out what they're interested and pursue new information all their lives, which will help them to find careers and continue to grow forever.

You are in the amazing position now of having students telling you "I'm signed up for this because I'm interested!" -- I'd say don't worry about talking at them. Learn from them - what are they interested in. What do they want to know? How can you help foster and kindle their love for these subjects, and through that, learning in general.

Just be yourself. Listen, ask, and help them to create :-)

kristin said...

cool! thanks for this comment- i will definitely keep this in mind :)