Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i have had an extremely productive day, and i thought to myself, why not make it even better by posting something on ye olde blog, like you've been meaning to do? righto!

ok. so. my last post was about a month ago. here are some highlights from that time:

12/12: day-long holiday bazaar in a huge warehouse at an art charter school in LA. it poured rain, not many people showed up to shop. i sold two things (but gave out almost all of my business cards) and did some serious brainstorming with my handsome and intrepid husband (who is not afraid of sitting at a table with his wife for eight hours with hardly anything to eat and very little activity going on around us). this fair was kind of my last-ditch effort at the etsy-type method for selling work. for 2010, i am going to focus on the so-called fine arts- creating large pieces that are time-consuming and take months and months to complete. i want to pour my creative energies into something, well, worthy of my time- moreso than cards, journals, little drawings and beadings. also, pursuing a series of commissions based on a specific idea, upon which i may perhaps elaborate in the coming weeks.

12/13: christmas party hosted by b's company. the band was good, the food was good, the photobooth that i had been looking forward to since last year was there again this year. (good thing! any mention of the christmas party over the past year unfailingly resulted in me prancing around and singing "photobooth! photobooth!")

12/17-12/31 (actually, 1/01): we spent christmas in NY! one week spent with my pa and stepmom in syracuse, one week spent with my mom and stepdad in potsdam, along with brother and associated stepsiblings (it's complicated), dog and cats. thoroughly enjoyed my (our) family, the country and the violent mood swings of the weather (such a nice change from the lazy, perpetually sunny days of socal- trust me, it gets old). also sorted through all my things in my old room and the basement. threw away probably fifty pounds of wonderful, dear treas...*eyes tearing up*....no no no, it was trash- old (nostalgic, yes) crap. but i kept plenty of it, too, and am in the process of shipping it across the country. lord knows where we'll stuff it all- we'll at least need another book case. anyhoo, it was all wonderful and very sad to leave. then we spent new year's in chicago because of bungled plane flights. beware united air, that's the moral of the story. worst. flights (etc.). ever.

so now that we're all caught up, i would like to say....see you later!

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Alida said...

Yay Update!!

I hate United. When I flew with them I got stuck on the way out in the Denver Airport overnight and in LaGuardia for the night on the way back. An adventure? Yes. Something I wish to do again? No thank you. Interesting that you experienced something similar.

Good picture! :)