Friday, January 29, 2010


hi! things have been good and busy around here.

1) i started january with one commissioned project, and it looks like i'll be ending it with four, plus i'm able to keep on working in claremont once a week. this is definitely an answer to prayer.

2) we put pictures on the walls last weekend! this makes me ridiculously happy. from left to right: collage by a family friend, three pictures (old photograph, image of an eyvind earle painting that i cut from a magazine, photo-collage birthday card from alida), two photobooth photos framing a wedding picture (awwww... :) ) and a panel from my squares project from sophomore year at scripps. (remember that?) when we visited new york for christmas, i threw a lot of the panels away, but only after my mother's brilliant suggestion that i keep a few and frame one or two.

3) b and i got to go on an almost-all-expenses-paid two-day mini vacation a couple weeks ago to big sur, monterey bay, and visalia. b had to do some work in big sur and visalia, and since i didn't have to be anywhere those days, i went along, too! we stopped at monterey for the night, because it is awesome there. there was extremely thick fog on the ocean as we drove up the 1, resulting in the feeling that we were driving on some incredibly high mountain pass above the clouds. it was exciting. :) big sur and monterey are beautiful, too, as is the drive to visalia. visalia itself, or at least the part we were in, was rather boring.  

4) blogger is a huge pain! either i need to learn something about css and javascript and whatnot, or find a new blog provider. seriously. creating posts for my art history class is a major weekly frustration- the new editor is an improvement over the older one, but even that's not saying much. does anyone else feel this way?

5) anyhoo...happy friday!

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DM said...

Switch to Wordpress. It's *way* nicer than blogger is.