Friday, February 19, 2010

beadi and sushi

hi there! 

so last weekend was our first anniversary- hooray! we ate a lot of sushi and ice cream and pie went to the beach :) here's a bad picture of the sushi we made, and below that is what we had last night for dinner- "scattered" sushi, or basically "lazy-man's" sushi. just throw it all in a bowl and dive in...YUM. the neon orange stuff is smelt eggs, which are amazing flavor bursts; think of eating mildly sweet and tangy tiny bubble wrap. we found it at a market in little tokyo, a very convenient ride on the gold line away. also, scallops are amazing- somehow i'd never realized this before last week.

and then we have updates on the progress of the's grooowwwing! i am getting pretty close to being done- so maybe 6-8 more hours. :)

we found two lovely white table lamps next to our dumpster last week and i am working on making a lampshade for one of them- i have some really nice paper to use (and this is why i will never stop being a pack-rat: it's the paper that someone used to wrap one of our wedding presents!). because i care about things like this, i will probably post a picture when it's completed (hey- i have the same birthday as martha stewart, so i'm bound to get excited about home decor now and then).

happy friday!

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