Friday, February 5, 2010


here i am, finally beginning the documentation process for a project after i'm already half-way through with it. this is a beady thing that i'm working on pretty much just for fun- the glass beads are beautiful and shiny, and i like making free-form, spontaneous patterns with them. i sew them onto light-weight canvas attached to an 8-inch hoop. you can see pencil lines on the cloth- that's from a project i started earlier and then ripped out. i was going to try to create one giant snowflake-type form with radial symmetry, but it was too complicated. the circles and lines were to help me keep the proportions right as i got further and further out. anyway, the additions you see in these pictures represent about a day's-worth of work (anywhere from one to three hours per day). the last one, from yesterday, has a lot of additions. b was gone aaaalll day (3:45 am - after 10pm) and i was bored and missed him; therefore, i beaded. 

more to come :)




Anonymous said...

I LIKE!! Very nice.
Mom O.

Marli said...

I love this so much, I can hardly even tell you.

ALSO, belated Happy Anniversary!!!!