Friday, January 28, 2011


no time for posting today, really, but it's already been two weeks since my last

i recently finished a commission (yay!), and will post pictures as soon as its recipients receive it. i was about to start on another commission yesterday, but it will have to wait a bit because a roll of paper i'd ordered arrived and i couldn't wait to immerse myself in a different project. not a commission, not just "for fun", but, i hope, Art. stay tuned.

actually, you may want to reconsider that ("stay tuned") in light of the following...

ooh, but i do have a new "for fun" project that i'll soon start working on. it's something that those of you who know me well could probably see coming (maybe...?). the pasadena joann fabrics is closing, so everything is on sale. i went in and bought the largest sewing hoop they had (it was on sale! so in a way, it wasn't my fault...)- 23 inches in diameter. which means...GIANT BEADY!!! was only a matter of time. i started small- 2 inches, then 8 inches. with countless 2-inch beadies and 3 8-inch beadies made, i knew it was time to go BIG. this will only take me the rest of my life (lord willing, i'll live to a thousand and five). but i'm ok with that. i like the idea of having a project that's years (decades?) in the making. there's no rush...and just think how shiiiiiny it'll be... :)
(the black outline represents the 23-inch hoop, with the three larger beadies i've made (argh! i need a better name for these!!) copied and pasted to fill the space. as you can see, i'll have to create the equivalent of 7+ of these. eek.)
there! now that you all think i'm crazy, maybe you won't want to see any more blog posts, and i'll be off the hook! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Don't think so. You won't get off THAT easily:-) But,
Wow, that will be quite the project. Just don't forget to eat and sleep, and give your husband a hug once in a while. (I love the "little" ones inside it)
Mom O.