Thursday, February 24, 2011

time flies.

oy- three weeks since my last post??

here are some pictures of recent happenings...
we went north last weekend to eat good food and walk on the beach. it was cold and windy and rainy and beautiful. 

 this seal was bound and determined to lie on the rock. it didn't look comfortable. 

we bought a couch eons ago, and it was finally ready for pick-up last week. YAY! it is large and greenish-goldish-brownish and perfect.

i made a series of journals from leftover papers with cool cut-paper covers to sell here.

i'm working on a fun project right now. more about that in the next couple of months.

the end!


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures. Love the one of the seal. That definitely does NOT look comfortable.
Mom O.

Marli said...

And 3 weeks again now! Time do fly. :-) Miss you!

kristin said...

oh deers- you are quite right! i'm hoping to update this week sometime... :)