Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday morning cARToons

Well, I never posted those arty things yesterday, but I'm going to post them now, so hopefully you'll be able to find it within your heart to forgive my delinquency....Actually, I'm only going to post one picture. To the left, my progress on the crayoning. I'm beginning to have some nagging doubts about it, but will continue to plug away anyway, and maybe I'll start to like it more. The other two things I was going to post can be found on my etsy page, because they're two pen and ink drawings that I have decided to put up for sale. I like them- drawing with nib pens is fun, and it was nice to do something a bit more colorful for once.

You might want to wait a while between looking at my work on etsy and looking at this next website. Well...I kind of want you to wait, or better yet, not even look at all...because...this girl is goooood. I am highly impressed, and...dang. I have a lot of work to do. I'd never want to copy her work or style, of course, but I think she's nailed a lot of the pieces that are missing from my own work, like the element of spontaneity/chaos. Now, that isn't missing from all of my work, and really, it's not even missing from most of my work, since a lot of what I draw is completely unplanned. Anyway, I don't feel like writing about that, so here's the website. Man, if I could combine her and Marian Bantjes, with a healthy dose of Harry Clarke and Yoshitaka Amano, in my work...Wow...That would, cool. AND I would know how to paint! Linky-

I think I may go walk and think about this stuff for a bit. Toodle-pip, as it were.


Bart said...

What is the scale on the crayonings?

kristin said...

sorry - the crayoning is about 20 inches tall and 51 inches long :)