Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things, and stuff

Well, my dear old interwebs seem to be broken at the moment, but I am not daunted by this, and nevertheless, have resolved most solemnly to compose a blogpost in Word. If my interwebs are ever fixed, you will know because you will be reading this post! (Yay! they're back!)

Anyway, first thing to note- I have sold a drawing on Etsy! Huzzah! Rejoice! Thank you, Pa, for so generously supporting your daughter :) “Night Rain…” is going to a good home in Central New York (where it does indeed rain at night sometimes).

Next, I was reminded of one of my favorite memories from Filoli today while walking to Whole Foods. It’s one of my favorites for no other reason than that it makes me feel good about myself, in sort of a funny way that maybe only introverts would understand. Or maybe even just introverted ninjas :) Anyway, it happened during the two weeks I spent in the kitchen gardens/high place. The head gardener and his assistant in that area are both known for being very quiet, introspective people, and I really enjoyed working there because we never felt like we had to make small talk with each other. One day the assistant and I were working (quietly) in the London Planes*, when the head gardener came back from whatever he was working on and commented, “You know, there’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says ‘quiet people are like slow-moving waters- deep and dangerous.’” I always liked that, though I also often act very shallow and scared. But hey, that’s an ancient Chinese proverb- and we know that those are practically infallible!

Back to things related to Etsy- I have made several prints of two of the recipes I drew up, and in an effort to spruce them up a bit, since they’re just in black and white, I have been adding color. I’m thinking about selling the prints with color added by hand on Etsy, but before doing so, I was hoping to get some input on the experiments I’ve been doing so far. I’m going to set up a new album on Picasa for work in progress/experiments, and I’ll post these there. I also want to post the link to my actual portfolio, which is also on Picasa, but is currently unlisted.

Also stay tuned for info regarding some journals that I hope to have in my possession soon. I have about a dozen paper-back journals, similar to the sparkly blue one on Etsy, but painted with walnut and scarlet inks…but they’re in NY at the moment, and then, before I put them up for sale, I would like to add some drawings to the front covers.

ONE more Etsy-thing. The beaded ornaments. I love them, and am surprised that, from the number of views they have received, no one else seems to be interested in them. I’m not sure if I’m charging too much (though based on the labor involved, I am not- they take a good 4-6 hours each), or if the pictures just don’t do them justice. I have to say** that they have a lot of tactile appeal. They remind me a lot of Oreos, for some reason, and have a slight cushiness to them, not to mention being fun to just hold in your hand. And come on! They’re shiny and sparkly…Maybe I’ll un-list them and keep them all for myself…my preciouses :)

*Platanus x hispanica! I remember!
** Though from what I gather, my readership is at least fifty percent male, so you may not care at all :)

Edit-- two new linkies!
Kristin's Portfolio (no borrowing or stealing images, please)
Works in Progress


Bart said...

Oreos? You're crazy. :)

Marli said...

Now that you're selling art, I can officially refer to you as my favorite artist. Yay!

I can't WAIT to see the journals go up for sale... I'm on the lookout for Kristin Art that overlaps with Stuff I Need, so that I can justify spending money. :-)

Nicholas said...

indeed... journals I can "sneak" into my budget :)