Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I should be doing right now:

1- Write Ms. Marli an email. That has been on my list of things to do since she replied to my last email, oh, two weeks ago. Seriously- every single day: "Email Marli."
2- Write a letter to another friend who wrote to me, hmmm...a month ago, nearly.
3- Write an email to yet another friend who wrote me an two months ago.
4- Stop being such a terrible friend
5- Drawing
6- Reading

Things I want to do right now:
1- Read random blogs of people I've never met
2- Play spider solitaire until my brain starts to ooze
3- Repeat 1&2

The thing about reading the blogs of complete's so weird. I get completely transported out of my own mind and situation and submerge myself in the life, struggles and joys of someone I didn't even know existed. A few days ago I was reading "
Stuff White People Like"*, and then found myself reading the comments** after one of the posts. And then I remembered my secret bad habit of reading the blogs of strangers! There were hundreds of people to choose from from this post alone, so, feeling a little giddy, I clicked on one. I can't remember why I chose this particular person...The mouse just moved and I clicked. It took me to the blog of a young woman named Alyssa. Mandatory semi-emo picture at the top of the blog, semi-emo music automatically started playing, etc. I won't tell you the blog name, because I do feel as though I have trespassed, in a sense, on this woman's life, but I have greatly enjoyed reading her words! Randomly and cool-ly enough, she's a Christian, and she posts like, three times a day, so multiply that by two years...I'll be busy with that for a while :) Anyway, just wanted to tell you all about my fascination with people, despite my introverted tendencies. Maybe that's why I like reading blogs so much- it's like having a one-sided conversation- they just talk and talk and talk, and nothing is ever expected of me. I can just "listen". And when my eyes are crossing from too much time spent "listening", I can just say goodbye and close the window.

Hmmm...I was going to watch "Howl's Moving Castle" tonight, but I'm having more fun by myself than I thought I would, so I don't think I'll need the distraction.

Well, I wasn't planning to write a blogpost*** tonight, but now I can put it on my to-do list and then cross it off! Yay! Accomplishment!

*As if they need more hits
** I honestly cannot think of a bigger waste of time than reading the comments people leave on blogs like that one, or one youtube videos (although those tend to be hilarious), or the like. I like the comments you leave on my blog, though! :)
***It was recently discovered that "blogpost" sounds very much like a Russian word. If you haven't already, I would suggest that you immediately say it outloud with a heavy Russian accent. See? Fun!


Marli said...

#4 is totally non-applicable :)

David said...

I totally get what your saying about reading blog posts as the perfect conversation for introverts because you don't have to say anything back. I do that too. Right now is an exception, obviously.

David said...

Argh, don't you hate it when you commit your own pet peeves? I always feel smug when observing other people's your/you're confusion, and here I went and did it myself. Figures.

Bart said...

Mmmm. Borscht, blogpost, and vodka. MMmmm.

Nicholas said...

hehe... you shouldn't tell me to do strange things when i'm hyper and sitting in the library. it's all your fault that people are looking at me funny.

wait... they were doing that before..