Monday, December 29, 2008

stream of consciousamaness

where did that fun and annoying habit come from, anyway? the one that compels me to insert "ama" somewhere between syllables in a word.

anyway, i have nothing planned for this entry except to write some sentences in english that generally follow proper english (american english, that is ;P ) grammar.

christmas was fun, but weird: 1) no snow. in fact, 2) i was in california, not new york. it rained, at least. 3) i received three presents, but had sent/given none (yet!), and none of them were from my family.

b and i did a lot of planning over the long weekend, especially yesterday. today, especially this morning, was fraught with mad plannings- bridesmaids dresses, apartments for rent, registry research, photographer-contacting, and some other stuff. eegads.

i like reading other people's blogs. they're comforting, for some reason. which reminds me (for some reason) that i should post three pictures of bart- pre-haircut, mid-haircut (re: mullet!), and post-haircut. and i set a new personal record for the cut- less than an hour! :)

that's enough for now. tomorrow i'm going to go christmas shopping! i've already ordered three presents. they are all awesome. oh yeah, here's a picture of the christmas tree we got from trader joe's. count 'em- four ornaments! and a picture of buuuddy, of course :)


Anonymous said...

looks like a cute Christmas tree...can you keep it all year round? Does it stay small or keep growing? I am familiar with Trader Joe's only because that's where Lia shops in New Mexico, we don't have them up here :( I think it sounds so western.
Buddy is so cute!

Marli said...

Is Buuuuuddy spelled that way all the time? And pronounced as such? :) Will he move in with you and Bart?