Friday, August 21, 2009

ah, memories!

my mom sent me a box of stuff recently, included in which are several brilliant works of prose and poetry that i composed as a first-grader. here is one delectable morsel of pure, raw creative talent:
Clouds, Clouds, the wonderful thing, they make me laugh,
they make me sing, but when the clouds all go away,
I have to sit and wait all day.
this is exactly how it looks - i think it was a combination typing exercise/writing exercise, printed on acidic printer paper. anyhoo, i do like clouds, but i'm not sure if i can say truthfully that they've ever inspired song, much less laughter...and i never sat still as a child, and definitely not for clouds, so basically it seems that this poem is full of lies. i've repented, though, don't worry.
i also wrote a pretty epic piece about the birth of my brother- my amazingly creative spelling makes for unintended hilarity. i think it's also in a box of stuff. stay tuned!


DM said...

Ha! I wrote some stuff like that when I was little, too.

Anonymous said...

You got to love those elementary school poetry assignments. They may not be completely truthful, but HEY - they rhyme!
Mom Oegema