Monday, August 24, 2009

a pointless story (sorry)

I was just browsing the web, feeling reinvigorated by a delicious and much-needed caffeine-saturated goodie (thank you, caffeine!) and hopeful of getting a few more things accomplished this afternoon. I decided to try finding some cool new bookbinding techniques, just trying to spark some ideas/inspire myself. So I searched for ‘creative bookbinding’. One of the search results looked kinda familiar- a post on the creative spirit blog. There’s a gallery in P-dam (back in NY- holla!*) called the creative spirit, which I am quite familiar with. So I clicked on the link. Imagine my surprise when it was actually the blog of a woman in the U.K….to whom I actually sold a journal a year and a half ago, and the post was a review of a book on binding techniques that I already own. Here's a picture- for proof! Three crazy random happenstances all at once! Ok, ok- it just took me by surprise. I probably don’t really need to post this, but hey- I’ve typed this much and I don’t plan on wasting what could be deemed a fairly-acceptable entry. Maybe like, a C+.

In other's pretty quiet around these parts (like you couldn't tell).

* Wow- I don’t think I’ve ever written, or spoken, that, uh, word. This must be a side-effect of the coffee…

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