Saturday, March 1, 2008

Head (shoulders, knees and toes) in the clouds

Reasons why I love SoCal #1: Garage sales year-round. Found one via craigslist that was pretty close by, so, braving the heavy mist, I went and visited it. It’s not as much fun to pick through people’s unwanted stuff when it’s all a bit damp. All I got out of this trip was a back 4x6" picture frame. It was worth it. I spent a lot of time wandering around neighborhoods after that, listening to the parrots and other birds, enjoying the grey morning, trying to walk out some nameless anxiety. I thought about why I haven’t been doing much drawing this week and realized it was because I’d gotten into the mindset of “if what I’m drawing isn’t presentable/potentially sellable, then it isn’t worth my time”. That is a dangerous attitude, you know.

Reasons why I love SoCal #2: The foothills. I enjoy having hills around. I thoroughly dislike unending flatness. It’s nice to have variations in the terrain, and it feels good to walk where there isn’t monotonous flat flat flat. My legs get very bored with that (that that). Unfortunately, because I’m in the foothills, the walking can be very steep uphill and downhill. Uphill is great, but I’ve started to hate walking downhill; it can be very jarring and straining. Anyway, enough whining. It’s obviously not so bad that it keeps me from walking 10+ miles a day!

Hmmm…I suppose it would be good to do some drawing now.

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Bart said...

Your art is always cool. :)