Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily schedules

So I always make wild plans before each new day to make that day incredibly productive and awesome. But then somehow random things happen that completely suck time from my day, and I find myself only working for an hour or so on a couple of things from the list. So I want to write down what I actually do end up doing in a day, to see where the time sucks are (I already know one of them, perhaps the greatest time suck of all: walking. Sigh.)
730-9: breakfast, read some blogs, paid a bill, played on Photoshop a bit and then copied pictures to a rewritable cd, and also caught up a bit bible reading.
9-12: walked/jogged to the 99cents Store, Kinkos, Out of the Closet. Got some cards printed by a very nice fellow at Kinkos- they look awesome. I am incredibly pleased with them!! I also printed three new designs, and I think they look amazing as well :) And they’re all on linen cardstock samples that I got from Neenah. The dollar store was meh, and Closet was sigh. I’d been hoping to find a skirt there, and maybe a new shirt. I did find some nice skirts, but they were dry-clean only, and since I’d be getting them from a thrift store, cleaning them before wearing them would be a must, but dry-cleaning…expensive. Total distance walked - 9 miles
12-1230: shower*, dress, vacuum room, get lunch, begin this blogpost.

I woke up feeling exhausted this morning. I remember feeling like I had gone for a twelve mile walk while I was asleep. Sigh. I felt better when I got up, at least. Anyway, my plan for the after noon (1-4pm) is: make phone calls (stop whining, stupid brain!), work on a drawing for my mum, play with fabric, and finish this blogpost. Ok…go!
Quick observation: Spider Solitaire has finally beaten out Photoshop as my most used program (according to the ranking in my start menu). Is that a bad sign?...
Argh! I forgot about that silly cover letter I was going to work on…well, maybe after I make those phone calls.

It is now 3:10pm, and I have worked on fabric and did some drawing. I also wrote about two sentences for this cover letter, and will hopefully have the opportunity to finish it this evening, since I want to hand it to them tomorrow. Finally, I cut the paper that the cards are on. happy with how they came out! :) Finally, finally, I'm still trying to force myself to make those phone calls...Come on....There are only two...It'll be easy...

Bye for now.

*In case you were wondering, I am, in fact, the world's fastest/most efficient showerer.

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