Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, this morning was supposed to be fabulously productive, but I have found myself to be severely distracted. I did laundry and walked to the farmer’s market, read my Bible and took the screen/sunshield off my window (let there be light! And there was. And it was gooood). So now my clothes aren’t smelly, and my spider plant and lavender are very, very happy. I didn’t get anything from the farmarket because I only had about three dollars and didn’t really feel like picking through vegetables in giant crowds of people anyway.

I recently discovered (completely by chance) the blog of an old friend that she’d started in high school. It took me by surprise, to say the least, and I’ve been thinking a lot since then about relationships and people I knew. I wish I’d been there for her more, but given the circumstances…that would have been difficult, though not impossible, and I kind of wish I’d been able to see beyond myself a bit more and care for others at that time. Reading her words has been very draining. Anyway, I’m trying to be vague and yet explain and describe something that I’m feeling, and that doesn’t work too well.

Ah, my room is very sunny. I love being able to work by natural light. That was my favorite thing about my room senior year at Scripps. If the sun was up, my room would be filled with lots of natural light, and it was indirect light, too, so I was never baking in the sun. If I ever have the pleasure of owning a house, I want high ceilings and big windows. A good view also wouldn’t hurt, I suppose.

So we’re already into the second week of March, eh? That is incredible. Let’s see…I’ve applied to 2 jobs at Whole Foods, Coldstone, Target, The Huntington, Robeks (rejected), Corner Bakery (rejected), and I sent my resume to a couple other places that obviously were not my dream job because I don’t even remember what they were. Why doesn’t that seem like very many places? Hmmm…I’m pretty sure I haven’t been a slacker. Perssons greenhouse and Steamers are not hiring, but I’ll fill out the applications anyway. Monday I’m headed off to Baskin Robbins, tutoring places, and will print and fill out the application for being a library page at the Sierra Madre Public Library. I may also check out the Hastings Ranch branch of the Pasadena Library System. I’ve been considering substitute teaching for a while now as well, but just getting certified for that sounds like an exhausting process.
I do not understand why all of these doors have been closed. It’s ok and all…I can usually trust God with the situation and providing what I need…but…I dunno. I’ve never had to deal with rejection like this before.

Let’s see…I have not been able to do a lot of art recently. I spend a lot of time walking or feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. Trying to draw or work on things takes too much effort. It’s not that I don’t want to…I don’t know. I’m too tired to try and think straight. A nap would be a good idea, probably, but no. We must stay busy, busy, busy. Always.

On the plus side (or maybe this is why I’m so tired :) ), I had the opportunity to go hiking (!) yesterday! Bart took the afternoon off to accompany me to Bailey Canyon and protect me from the mountain lions. We spent two hours or so on the trails, and at least that much time walking to and from the park, and walking to the bus stop (and then another bus stop, and then another bus stop, and then to his house…long story). It was warm outside, and clear. From the height we climbed to, you could see well beyond downtown LA, and we could even make out dim outlines of buildings in Glendale. It’s nice that you can live in LA and still be able to get away from it. I am especially lucky that wilderness begins a few short minutes’ walk from my house. It’s a good thing the mountains are there. Just imagine how much bigger LA would be without those massive inconveniences.

I have no projects I’m really working on right now. I calligraphized some business cards the other day so I can give people the address to my bloggy, etsy shop, and portfolio. I also made another recycled container-plant pot paper covering, but it’s nothing worth photographing or writing about.

Blah. At least I can hear the birds sing. Everything will be fine.


Marli said...

A friend of mine recently started working at The Paper Source, a Boston stationery chain, as a "stationer" or something that sounded like that - she does calligraphy for people on their stationery and then they buy it. I thought of you; I don't know if Paper Source exists in LA, but it's worth checking into stationery stores in general - might be a bit more artistic, eh?

Molly said...

Yesterday I had a Kristin day... walking to church, stopping by the farmer's market on the way back to buy strawberries and look at finger puppets, venturing to the dollar store in the afternoon, and walking back to the Village again in the evening! And I thought of you, and I thought it would be cheering to know that Claremont is not left unwalked without you. :)

Anonymous said...
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