Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things and Stuff!

Sometimes I really hate trying to come up with a title for a post. Good thing “things and stuff” is always applicable!

Just wanted to let y’all know that there is a new journal up for sale at my etsy shop! It’s groovy; I like the cover design. I hope that there will be more on the way in the days to come.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention- today was like, free-sample-stravaganza at Whole Foods. I am a sucker for free samples (free anything, pretty much), especially at a semi-hoity-toity establishment like Whole Foods. Dark chocolate ganache spread? I can pretty much tell you now that I will never buy/be able to afford such a thing, but sample it? Oh, definitely. Cheese? Apple-raisin coffee cake? Heck yes. Yum. Hmm…if I work it right, maybe I could make free samples at Whole Foods an actual lunch. And then, to make it fair, I’ll buy a banana. No, that would be wrong. I could justify it by proclaiming that Whole Foods is a house of lies and deceit*, but two wrongs don’t make a right…Bah. :)

Today is Bart’s birthday! Hooray Bart! :)

*darn you, The Omnivore’s Dilemma! You are ruining my life!


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Molly said...

So, funny story about how we are the same person. Today I was walking around in the mall with one of my friends and we decided to get all of the free samples from different stores instead of buying lunch. It was incredible.

Marli said...

Happy Birthday to Bart!

I am also a sucker for free food. Too many people think I'm crazy when we have to go to Costco for work and I want to go after 11 for the free samples. But how else will you know what you like/get a free lunch?!