Monday, April 21, 2008

Five things... may not know about me. Courtney made me do it. :)

1) I had dark brown hair when I was born.
2) Once, during recess when I was in elementary school, one of my friends (who was also the class clown), fell off the swings and broke his arm. I stood there laughing at him for at least five minutes before realizing that something was actually wrong. I thought he was joking.
3) On the hours-long bus ride to the state XC meet my freshman year of high school, "a friend"* and I read through the entire Monty Python and the Holy Grail script, complete with British accents.
4) At summer camp one year, somewhere during middle school, my friends dared me to see how many pieces of buttered white bread I could eat during lunch. Eight slices, I believe. Looking back, I think they were just trying to fatten me up...
5) I've always loved to collect things (and yet I also hate clutter and "stuff"), including: rocks, shells, buttons, stamps, coins, little pewter animals, cool magazine pictures, wrappers from chocolate bars, ben&jerry's pint-size ice cream containers (empty, of course!), and for a little while (before I made myself throw them away- but only after I'd shipped them 3000 miles), the reflector-things in the roads here, which I was fascinated by when I first moved to CA.

Wow, that took a really long time.
I'm supposed to "tag" people now, so I tag anyone who wants to do this. C'mon...we all secretly love talking about ourselves...and learning goofy things about each other :)

*aka, Marli :)


Anonymous said...

yay! I didn't know those things about you! It worked I guess :) Hope you are enjoying the weather. It is like 75ish here :)

Marli said...

Since I (obviously) knew the 3rd thing about you, do I get another freebie? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Michele wants me to ask you to remove the block on anonymous people leaving messages so that she can comment on your blog. Just passing the information :)

Anonymous said...

I heard that you had to evacuate. I hope that goes well! Miss you.