Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More new things (and stuff!)

OK- I have a new journal posted on etsy! I like it very much, and hope you do, too :) Chinese characters are a little over-done, it's true, but I think my design is pretty innovative and original. This one means "dream" (yume), and, ok as far as over-done Chinese characters's probably in the top five, but hey- on the cover of a journal, it's applicable and it looks nice. There are six or seven or so sets of cards on the way (with some new designs!), as well, and another journal also. Actually, the other journal isn't's the sparkly blue journal currently on my etsy page, but it is in the process of getting a major facelift. Mmmm...exciting!

I'm working on a small commissioned drawing for a friend of my mom's. It's fun to work on something geared toward one specific person, as opposed to trying to make something with universal appeal that some stranger may end up buying. And I love doing special things for people. I hope that someday commissions make up a significant portion of my work as an artist.

Let's see...I don't think I really have any other news at all. Today has been a fairly productive day so far, though, and it's only just past noon. It will be a very good day if I can get myself to act like a Responsible Adult and make a phone call this afternoon.


Marli said...

Could I commission a journal from you? I love the ones you have up, and was leaning towards treating myself to the diamond, but I didn't love the red part on it. Now I love the Chinese character, but then you mentioned commissioning journals, and that seemed even more exciting...

so, could I commission a journal from you? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new journal, it reminds me of the samurai for some reason. I like how it looks so antique, with mud and blood splattered on it, very cool. Keep up the good work!