Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yippee skippy! Here is a set of five, and they are for sale at etsy.

By the way...If there are designs that you like more than others, I would allow my blog readers (because there aren't thaaat many of you :) ) to pick out certain cards and create custom sets. They're $2.50 each, unless you get ten, in which case your total would be $22. Also, and maybe I should have mentioned this earlier (because it has come up)- if I know you and can physically hand the item to you, you don't have to pay shipping on anything....but you DO have to tell my what you plan to buy beforehand.

Courtney- I really liked your comment about the "dream" journal looking muddy and bloody...That thought has crossed my mind before :) Hopefully it won't gross people out too much. It's not actually blood and mud...

So, it looks like I might have a job! It wouldn't be until the end of May (but hey, what's another two months?), and it's freelance, and it would be on a trial basis...but that's the most promising possibility I've had at all. Oh, and I have to learn for all the suggestions for reading material, but I'm going to be studying the intimate details of InDesign for the next two months (unless something else incredibly promising turns up...but really, I should learn InDesign anyway). In fact, I'm off to the library now.

PS- I have no idea what is up with the stupid inconsistent paragraph formatting. Except I do know that it is stupid.

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Marli said...

InDesign is pretty cool, and Adobe is good about having "how-to"s in their products, so good luck with that!

I love the dream journal's "bloody" look -- I don't think it'll gross out many people; I think it'll intrigue the ones who are interested in your work anyhow. Which will become more and more people! YAY!