Thursday, April 3, 2008


So the thing I mentioned a while ago, the one that I'd said I'd finished but couldn't talk about other than that-- well, it arrived at it's destination today and was opened by my mum a mere two and a half weeks after her birthday. Psalm 71 is her favorite, so I designed and executed this drawing for her (it's up in my gallery, too, if you want a closer look). Yay :) I like it, though doing the calligraphy on that paper (which is more like a towel than paper) was...a challenge.

I had the most pleasant walk this afternoon. It's extremely grey and green outside, and I found some new places to explore, including a wilderness area in Arcadia that I didn't know existed. It took considerable effort to get myself out the door in the first place, but I did need that walk in the fresh air. I'm pretty lucky to have this luxury. It's going to be sad to see it go, once someone actually gives me a job (assuming that actually happens...ok, I hope that actually happens...).

For the record, I really, really like Southern California on days like today.


Bart said...

Wow, that's a really awesome drawerin'.

Anonymous said...

I love it, very nice.
Was raining and grey here this morning...then it it's raining again...gotta love NY.

Nicholas said...

That is quite impressive :)

Jamie said...

Hey Kristin. I found you via Courtney...I don't usually comment on random peoples' blogs, but your drawing demands something more.

It is simply amazing!