Monday, October 27, 2008

things and stuff!

1. cupamacake photos!

they were good, but i got totally showed up by another woman (pretty much a pro chef, i think) who made chocolate cupcakes with white sugar frosting and....hand-made dark chocolate butterflies. ye gods they were good! and i don't even like chocolate cake.

2. i think my camera has repented of its habit of taking lousy photos. i just got back from taking pictures of things i made for my etsy shop, and they don't look half bad. you'll have to check my etsy shop over these next several days to see them ;)

3. i met another homeless person, steven/stephen, who was camped out near whole foods this morning. i bought him some groceries (barely enough to get him through the day...sigh) and chatted with him for a while. that was hard for me, but God cares about the poor, and Jesus was the friend of society's outcasts, so my discomfort/shyness isn't an excuse. the homeless you meet who seem "with it" are more disconcerting than those who don't, and steve was one of the former. heh- we were next to vroman's (booksellers) and he asked me what my favorite books were, saying that his were the fountainhead, grapes of wrath, and two others, complete with mentioning their authors. i am embarrassed to say that i haven't read any of those. that made me think about how some people are simply lambasted by terrible circumstances and are then forced onto the streets. what in the world would make me feel like i'm somehow better than them, more "together" and more of a hard worker? steve had had jobs- he told me about one he'd had at a ski resort. i told him i was from upstate new york, and he responded (appropriately) that he'd heard it was beautiful there. there were some other things he mentioned that confused me, and he sort of mumbled and it was hard to understand him, but still, why is it that having conversations with the homeless is so shocking? maybe that's just a sign of my arrogance/obliviousness, but i think it also spears my conscience and makes me ache with the desire to really help them. maybe that's why it's so much easier to throw them an apologetic glance as you glide by, or just ignore them completely. the most awkward part of the conversation was the very end, when he told me "have a nice day." "...You, too?"

4. i promise to not gush about wedding planning, but i have to say that i am relieved to announce that the ball is finally starting to roll. hopefully, in the right direction. YAY. ok. ahem.

5. and now for something completely pointless: ohmygosh, you guys- the office! what is going on?!?

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Courtney said...

first off, you are a great writer! Secondly, I am encouraged by your outlook on the homeless. Though there aren't any (well, a few maybe) up here, I have been around them in my travels and have found myself awkwardly afraid of them. You are a wonderful woman, Kristin.
Love you!