Thursday, October 23, 2008


i want to quit my job and become a foodie blogger. can i, please??

i just made apple cupcakes with caramel cream cheese frosting- a fairly original creation, from what i could (or couldn't) find on google. i've been wanting the make ("eat" also works well) cupcakes ever since they exploded into popularity a year and a half-ish ago. and i denied myself the desire to make them, much less buy them,....until today! actually, yesterday, when i decided that i would make them for becca's bridal shower on friday. the caramel-apple flavor combo has been bouncing aroun in my head since last week, and when the thought of cream cheese popped in there with the others....mmmmmmmmdrrrrooooll....

the wee cakes came out pretty darn well! they look great- a very tan color (owing to the sucanat and whole wheat flour), but smooth and not at all muffiny despite these rustic ingredients and decently-sized chunks of apple. i will use a culinary term that i don't understand and propose that they have a "very delicate crumb" (?). the cake is good by itself, and the frosting pairs nicely with it. unfortuantely, trader joe's light cream cheese doesn't blend well, so (horror of horrors, oh the shame and all that), the frosting is lumpy. also, it's hard to melt caramels. it didn't dawn on me until this second to use a sauce rather than the candy. oh well!

maybe i will post my recipe (because i can almost never submit to using someone else's recipe without changing it considerably) at some point, but for now i will just tell you two ingredients that are not in these cupcakes: oil and butter. so HA.

oh, and did i mention that these were merely a trial run? and that i plan to make another batch tomorrow? hmmmm...maybe i shouldn't mention it- i think i might prefer that the world believes i only made ONE batch of cupcakes ;)

mmmm...cupcakes. like the piece of fun-fetti cake that summer gave me earlier this week, i'm not sure i can remember the last time i had a cupcake. possibly not since my birthday a year ago when ellen (the woman i rented a room from) made me chocolate-orange cupcakes. no, i'm sure i've had one since then- over a year since my last cupcake? no way. that just sounds absurd.


Jordy said...

a) Why not become a foodie blogger? you don't have to quit your job, you could just do both things freelance... ;-)

b) yay cupcakes!

c) you could make cupcakes like some people do that "friendship bread" thing, saving some and then adding it to the next batch... that way it'd be all one batch, really, right? :-)

Marli said...

mmmm apple and cream cheese... I am not a caramel person, but I would love the recipe! I will just amend it to pb frosting, perhaps?