Thursday, October 30, 2008

untitled #1

1- i've decided that i will make cupcakes tomorrow, though it was a close call because nothing, you know, inspired me flavor-wise. a foodie blog i like a lot (foodbeam), had a couple special cupcake posts with around a hundred photos of crazy and traditional types, but nothin' was jiving, ya know?? but then i remembered this amazing ingredient i have stored in the freezer in pulpy-goo form: figs. so it's going to be figgy cupamacakes, and i am currently open to ideas for frosting. i'm thinkin' honeyed cream cheese frosting (with local honey hooray!). since figs and honey are both kinda greekish, they "match". maybe i'll incorporate some walnuts in there somehow, too. MMMMM. that sounds dangerously delicious.

2- halloween = yuck. aside from cute little kids dressed up as princesses, firemen and boogers*, and free candy hooray, it is yuck. and nothing will convince me otherwise.

3- hmmmm...what is a third thing i can post about? it snowed piles in northern new york recently. it's kinda funny how opposite socal and nony (?) are. i remember yeeearning for a day above 15F in march one year in high school, and now i yeeeearn for a day below 80F in practically november. yep, kinda funny.

*yes, i do happen to know someone who dressed up as a booger for halloween. don't know if i can/should tell y'all who, though....

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Marli said...

I was Cruella DeVille, so not a yuck Halloween for me! I even found one of my old stuffed dalmatian puppies to carry around with me!