Monday, December 22, 2008

1. things...2. stuff...


1. praise god for an abundance of work when i really needed and didn't at all expect it. i worked three days last week and every day the week before at the scripps college press, and will be able to work there more in january. (hopefully i'll be able to carpool by then- i had to take public transportation my last three days there, and though i love public transit, there aren't any good direct routes from pasadena to claremont, so the 30-minute car ride takes a whopping two hours by any combination of bus, metrolink, and light rail. blah.)

2. for my commissions, there was a) my landlady asked me to put together six small, very pretty photo books/albums for her grandchildren for christmas. the covers are made with chiyogami paper, and the pages are heavy tan arches coverweight paper. i will post pictures of them later- they should (and must) be finished today! b) two leather journals for the sons of some family friends. i used two of the leather books i had in my etsy shop, and wrote their respective initials (jab and lcb) on the title pages, with doodled embellisments. i think they turned out well! c) a larger version of the beady bags for a woman who contacted me through etsy. this project went pretty smoothly...after i'd tracked down more wool. i visited four thrift stores, some multiple times, to find a black sweater that was at least 60% wool. apparently, no one was donating black wool sweaters. i finally found a woman's black wool coat, and it worked very nicely.

3. holiday ornament swap- can't say i've been particularly impressed by the ornaments i've been getting, but it's always fun to get mail, and i guess i can't really expect everyone else in the swap to have spent 40+ hours finishing their ornaments...
here, finally, is a picture of all ten beady ornaments! (the one in the center hadn't been finished yet, but you get the idea.) mmmm...pretty...

4. invitations: sent! rsvp's* received so far: 3!

5. kitty! one of bart's housemates, alex, found an orange kitten after bible study about two weeks ago (i think). in his severely kitten-deprived state, he succumbed to the cuteness and brought it home. name: buuuddy ('hey buuuddy' and 'widdle buuuddy' are common variants). and he is nothing short of ridiculously adorable- more distracting and hilarious than television. unfortunately, one housemate is allergic, soooo...we'll see what happens.

6. it's been rainy! yay!

7. i have two christmas presents ready to be sent out. two. this is bad.**

8. time to go do something else. more pictures to be posted soon!

*sorry, bart. i had to put an apostrophe there. :)
**so bad that i had to break out the forbidden bold italic


Bart said...

You could have used capitalization: RSVPs. But I know _that_ would be unacceptable. :)

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are gorgeous!.
(anneke oegema)