Wednesday, December 3, 2008


1- i have completed my ten ornaments for the holiday ornament swap! or rather, i should say, i have finished beading the ten shiny beadies that i am making for the swap. i still have to finish the edges and give them loops for hanging. but still- 90% of the work is done. done! hurrah! and with a week to go, too. i was going to post pictures, but my camera's connector cable is m.i.a. boo.

2- wuthering heights is sad. the chinese cinderella is sadder. eegads.

3- wedding planning! it's happening! and i got my ring resized. it's so comfortable and secure now that i almost don't even notice it (it was two sizes too big, so it felt like i was wearing something that wanted to escape), and it's super shiny again because they cleaned it, too. i'll spare you all the other weddingly details.

4- i have some (four, so far) small commissions for december! hooooray income! and i might be going to scripps to help finish the 'typography & the book arts' class finish their book (which is beautiful- bart and i got a sneak peek of it last weekend when we went to claremont for part one of our adventures in letterpress printing for the invitations).

5- tea, tea, i like tea. yum. the end.


DM said...

At first I thought you were talking about our invitations, and then realized that you're probably making your own, too. :P

Anonymous said...

Wow! You sure are industrious!!!

Courtney said...

oooh commissions.....riiight :)
takes me a while to process you know