Thursday, December 11, 2008


ok, ok, i know everyone is busy and so that's a terrible excuse to not be updating my blog, but the truth is...i'm really busy. 

1- i've been working in claremont all week, helping the typography students finish their semester's book. it's been a lot of fun to be back in there, and i love the repetetive tasks and working with my hands (and getting paid!). the students are fun, though it's hard to believe that they were freshmen and sophomores when i was a senior, if they were at claremont at all by that point. anyway, the book is about spices, and that's all i know because i haven't had a chance to actually look in it yet. all 110 or so copies are supposed to be finished by tomorrow but...ummm...not a chance (don't worry- that's how it almost always goes). luckily, that means more work for me :)

2- speaking of scripps- bart and i went out there two weekends ago to print our wedding invitations and the rsvp postcards, but after eight hours we'd (well, me, mainly) only managed to smash some type because we (that is, i) hadn't checked the number of sheets on the tympan, nor had i noticed or accounted for the 2-3 sheets of paper added on top of the tympan. then i added my own two sheets of paper to the roll when doing my test runs, and ....ouch. 

3- luckily, we were still allowed to go back and actually do the printing the following weekend. we started work at 10:30 am on saturday, and finished printing and cleaning up at 2:30 am sunday morning. but we managed to fit five print runs in there- and are extremely proud of the results. bart was amazing - i absolutely could not have done this without his help, sacrifice, and encouragement. i am a very lucky gal C:
i'm still in the process of trimming the invites...but supposedly they'll be sent out on monday, after i spend saturday addressing the envelopes. 

4- oh, and we still have to finish the map/hotel card, and get that printed (at kinkos) and cut. 

5- oh, and we still have to finish adding addresses to our giant file of guests.

6- things that are also still looming - the registry (we've compiled a list, but haven't registered anywhere), ...oh forget it. i don't even want to think about it ;P

7- i've also been working madly on commissions- three for this month, one due next month. yay commissions!

8- there's also this ornament swap thing that i signed up for- they (these ten beaded ornaments) were supposed to go out yesterday. oh well! they're going out tomorrow. hopefully the ones destined for iceland, japan, and the uk will still arrive in time. they look purty dang sweet, though, so even if they're late, hopefully they won't be too bummed. but i was kind of dumb because after i finished the beading part of the project, i took too long a break and didn't leave myself enough time for finishing off the ornaments with a black felt backing and silk cord loop, plus addressing the envelopes and writing a super short note for each. 

9- sorry for the dumb* post. happy friday!

*except for that part in #3- that wasn't dumb! :) hehehe


DM said...

Meh, most of my posts are dumb, and you still read them.

... I have no idea if that's actually true or not. :P

Anonymous said...

I love you kiddo.

Marli said...

Woohoo! Did the invites go out as planned?

Courtney said...

love you:)