Saturday, May 2, 2009

#11 and some updates...

here is #11, which took me two days to finish due to lack of time and the train being too bumpy to draw on most of the time:i've been having fun with these tile-able images, so i tried to make this one conducive to tiling. i think it worked pretty well:so if you're wondering why i've been attempting to draw on a train, it's because i've been commuting to scripps to do some work (yay work!) these past few days and it is a LONG commute when you take public transportation, no matter how you do it. i take the goldline (light rail) west into LA, and then the metrolink (train) east to claremont. i could do any number of bus/lightrail/train combinations, but they all take the same amount of time: two hours each way (for a grand total of four hours roundtrip. bleh). this is all because i am not an experienced driver- i have driven only two or three times a year for the past three or four years. i just don't like it very much. anyway, the point is i've been taking the train to claremont and use that time as efficiently as possible.

if that was 1), then this is 2)
i discovered that i don't like ice cream. ice cream made with goat's milk, that is! b and i bought some laloo's deep chocolate goat-milk ice cream last week and it was deliciously chocolatey but unpleasantly strong on the goat milk flavor. i've had (and dislike) goat cheese and thought that the strong flavor came about at some point in the cheese-making process, but no. le sigh. it's too bad- their packaging is quite pretty. confession: i clean and keep pint-sized ice cream containers after having consumed its contents. c'mon- it's not that weird - they're useful and pretty storage containers. and, heh, i like to reminisce about delicious ice creams i've had in the past. confession: i do the same with chocolate bar wrappings (though i have yet to figure out something really smart and functional to use them for).
3) returning to 1) for a moment: i'm working at scripps in the art department, specifically for the book arts class, which always needs help finishing its semester-long limited-edition collaborative book project. not that i mind! anyway, this semester's book is beautiful- definitely, i think, within the top ten coolest books made at the press in the past twenty-something years/40+ books (and i have seen them all) . if you have $250 lying around, i would highly recommend it. (that, by the way, is a bargain. don't even argue with me.) i'll describe it later and try to snag a few exclusive pre-publication pictures (i'm pretty sure that's allowed, actually). the title is "word". subjectmatter: words and meaning. visiting artists sam winston and ron king came to provide some initial direction.
4) the scripps senior art exhibit opened on friday. it was fun.
5) i want to eat ice cream (we bought cookies and [cow] cream to make up for the unfortunate goat ice cream incident) and work on the wsj crossword puzzle. maybe i will do so.


Anonymous said...

What kind of work are you doing at Scripps? Book making? or type setting?
Anneke Oegema

kristin said...

ah- right. i forgot to mention that :) *clears throat importantly* i cut and fold and glue and poke holes and do all the most menial things to help the students assemble the books, since time is running out before the end of the semester. type-setting and printing are all finished by now- i help mainly with the assembly and binding, so, cutting book cloth for the covers, gluing the cloth to the covers, making tapes (used to attach the pages to the covers)...basically, i do all the mind-numbing jobs (things that are "less important" in the book-making process) so that the students can do the important things- at this point, sewing the books and attaching the covers.

later i'll help the professor make invoices and box all the books for mailing to 50 standing order patrons (people who have signed up to buy the books every semester sight-unseen) and to and have them ready for other people who buy them. it's actually not as boring as it may sound- i have learned a lot in the past three years i've been doing this.

Bart said...

This one makes me think of a kaleidoscope when tiled. All fractally.