Friday, May 8, 2009

#13 and #14

...both in tiled form. i drew each of these over a period of a couple days on the train earlier this week.



1) the books i've been helping with at scripps are done! students were actually able to start boxing up the dry ones (there's a lot of gluing at the end, and it's supposed to be allowed to dry for three days, minimum) to send to the standing order patrons (people/institutions/booksellers who buy a book every semester sight-unseen). this happens very rarely, but with fourteen students in the class this semester (twice the usual number), things get done pretty fast! i forgot/didn't have time to take pictures...maybe i'll be able to do that on monday.

2) ummm, 2)? no, there is no 2). this entry is finished :) happy friday.

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Bart said...

I'm really impressed with these. Wow. I think the corners on the top one look like cool flowers.