Friday, May 15, 2009


i have been trying to create more leafy-y shapes and patterns. the vines were fun to draw.

2) i am working on getting limited edition art prints made of some of these daily drawings that i think have turned out best. i went to kinkos today to do some test prints, and the guy working behind the counter (he had to print them from a cd) liked them a lot. so that's a good sign, i guess. which reminds me- i've been thinking about this some, and have decided that it's ok for you to download my drawings for use as desktop backgrounds only- anything else is stealing. not that i think anyone would steal :) but i was also wondering if you could tell me if you would let me know which image(s) you download for that one specific purpose listed above. since no one leaves comments anymore, it's hard for me to figure out how to improve my work, so if there's something you see that you like enough to stare at on a daily basis, that's very useful to me. :) though these drawings are experimental for the most part, comments/feedback are welcome...i guess i never really said that before...

3) there is really good ice cream at the 99 cents only store! breyers double-churned peanut butter fudge. for a dollar! i bought two, and will probably make bart go with me tomorrow to get five or six more tubs. :) yum. as bart pointed out, sometimes vons or albertsons has ice cream one sale 2 for $6- but never 6 for $6!

4) the scripps college press was in an article in print magazine last month- it was listed as one of the top 34 design programs in...the world. it shares a page with the university of texas at austin; the institute for book design, academy of visual arts (leipzig, germany); and center for book and paper arts, columbia college chicago. the press' blurb is short, though longer than u-tex and leipzig's. here's what it says ( * added by me): "at scripps, an all-women's liberal arts school*, a strong tradition of printmaking and bookbinding continues with the popular typography and the book arts course**. last semester, the class created 109 limited edition books to be sold through the scripps college press, which started in 1941 as an experimental studio for students. 'right from the beginning, students know someone else is going to see their work,' says kitty maryatt***, professor and director of the press. the students, including men from other claremont colleges, start with binding their own journals. they are required to write and illustrate a text on a topic discussed collectively in class, which are bound together in a book at the end of the semester. in addition to traditional printmaking and letterpress printing, the students learn digital printing. maryatt says, 'students do everything: make their own work, print their own pages , and bind the books. and if there are mistakes, those are their mistakes, and if there are glories, those are their glories.'"
* liberal arts school- not even an art school!
**note: course, singular. one class at a small liberal arts school, rubbing elbows with fancy-schmancy artsy-fartsy institutions from all over the world. goooooooooo scp!
***she is simply amazing.

columbia's blurb is kinda funny. here is a short quote: "...students can earn a master of fine arts in book and paper arts or in interdisciplinary arts and media, which incorporates performance art and installation art. one recent thesis explored gender issues in society by creating an army of blow-up dolls individually encased in translucent paper*. 'i'm confident in saying that our facilities are probably the best in the world,'** says [interdisciplinary arts professor melissa] potter."
* ????
** i shouldn't make fun, but seriously? confident in saying probably? the best in the world??

5) it's over! it's friday!


DM said...

My favourites are #12, the greenish-red one of #13 and #14 (I presume it's #13, but the post doesn't make it clear), and #16.

I'll try to comment more often. :)

Courtney said...

I love # 18!! I took some pictures of art here in NM I thought you might like, I'll post them on my blog so you can see :)

Alida said...

alma mater pride? hehe. Sounds like a pretty sweet class. Must the claremont colleges kick butt at everything? ;)

I have really been enjoying all of your drawings, and really like the leave/flower look of 18. I still can't believe that you can do them so quickly. Pretty amazing there sister!

Matthew said...

I am really enjoying all your tiled patternd, but #12 especially caught my eye.

Anonymous said...

If you changed the color of blue to red, this one would look very Christmasy:-D
Anneke Oegema